TI Automotive – Fluid thinking.™

During the auto industry’s highly volatile 2009, an opportunity emerged to define a market position for a recently restructured company with a rich automotive history and promising future - TI Automotive. TI Automotive tasked The Quell Group to develop and launch a new brand and identity that highlighted TI’s value and signaled its new corporate structure.

In its reorganization, TI Automotive strategically committed to focusing exclusively on its competency of the storage, containment and distribution of vehicle fluid systems. Quell identified four key brand pillars to support its strategic market messages: focus, strength, insight, and creativity. In turn, a market position was developed and characterized with the tagline - Fluid thinking.™

Quell created a new logo for the reinvigorated company depicting fluid traveling through the tubing of a contained system framed in blues and greens associated with the environment and sustainability.

TI’s market position, branding and new look were rolled out to key constituents through our integrate communications strategy reaching employees, customers, media and thought leaders. We executed a campaign of advertising, new marketing materials and strategic interviews with key journalists to launch the new image of the company. Market reaction proved very strong, with many compliments directed to TI Automotive. The new brand served as the cornerstone of a new “One TI” approach to the market.