AIAG – Positioning Expertise through Global Automotive Crisis

In 2012, a chemical plant explosion in Germany caused a severe shortage of a key material used pervasively in manufacturing automotive parts, threatening to halt vehicle assembly lines at nearly every automaker. As a forum for collaboration, AIAG took the lead role in facilitating solutions in response to the crisis. The Quell Group positioned AIAG as the authoritative media spokesperson for a major industry crisis. In fact, several automotive suppliers and OEMs recommended reporters turn to AIAG as the source for information about the material shortage.

Over several weeks, Quell ensured AIAG kept the media informed about the industry’s response and what steps it was taking to help avoid a devastating automotive production shutdown. Quell arranged interviews for AIAG’s executive director with key outlets including Automotive News, The Wall Street Journal, The Associated Press, Bloomberg Businessweek, Crain’s Detroit Business, WWJ Radio and The Detroit News. The news coverage of the issue increased AIAG’s visibility, and Quell’s positioning gave the organization additional standing with the media that could then be leveraged for future stories and coverage opportunities.

We continuously seek opportunities to raise AIAG’s profile among its key constituents around establishing a seamless, efficient and responsible supply chain.