AutoBeat Group – Improving News Distribution through Digital Delivery

AutoBeat Group’s daily PDF e-blast method of delivering automotive industry news had lost its uniqueness and efficiency as other publishers were adopting sophisticated digital delivery methods.

AutoBeat Group turned to The Quell Group’s digital team for a solution to replace its highly restrictive, time-intensive production and archaic delivery method. Quell recommended a web-based platform that better used digital technology to give AutoBeat improved management of its subscriber base while affording advertisers better opportunities.

In less than four months, Quell migrated AutoBeat Group from sending PDFs to utilizing a new web-based solution that fundamentally changed the way the organization wrote, produced, delivered and tracked readership of its publications. Quell conceived functionality, creative and design aspects, social media, archiving, publishing engine and analytics. We also ensured the new website maintained AutoBeat Group’s strong brand identity, which had been in place for more than 10 years.

Quell’s solution ensured that AutoBeat Group reporters could more efficiently report news while making news more easily accessible, including formatting the new website to be reachable via smartphone. The new platform also allows AutoBeat Group to actively monitor its readers and gain quantifiable data of its subscription base, which has contributed to a higher subscriber base and helped sell advertising space with more real-time data.